Physics phenomena on housing architecture in Kampung Naga

Dindin, Nasrudin and Chaerul, Rochman and Asep, Muhyiddin (2018) Physics phenomena on housing architecture in Kampung Naga. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1 (288).


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Some local wisdom that is preserved by certain tribal communities in Indonesia is considered a myth; however, some other wisdom is also scientific. The purpose of this study is to describe some of the physical phenomena contained in the local wisdom of building in one of the tribal communities in West Java, Indonesia namely Kampung Naga. This research uses descriptive qualitative method. Through the field study, community interviews, literature studies and forum group discussion (FGD), the results of the research are: (1) there are two types of local wisdom of architectural housing in Kampung Naga: scientific local wisdom and non-scientific local wisdom (2) There are physical concepts which are contained in the local wisdom of houses in Kampung Naga: heat transfer, balance point temperature, sun and wind direction and specific heat of materials. This research concludes there are some phenomena of physics in local wisdom of housing architecture in Kampung Naga that is scientific and can be integrated in physics learning in school. This study recommends the importance of an appropriate integration model in physics learning.

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Subjects: Physics
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