Practicing English dialogues on the theme of reading text and its influence on student's reading comprehension skill

Sanianshari, Asep (2009) Practicing English dialogues on the theme of reading text and its influence on student's reading comprehension skill. Diploma thesis, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung.

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Reading is a communication tool which is very important in a cultured society. For the students reading is considered as an important aspect because of its valuable benefit in developing knowledge especially for English students where the students need to comprehend and deal with all reading aspects and difficulties. Due to the statament above, there is a hard duty for the English teachers in their teaching to overcome the student's difficulties on the role of reading learning where the students are likely need a model of learning process to improve their ability in comprehending the English reading text. In this case, a model of reading learning process is tried as an experiment to find out the solution for the student's problem at the eighth degree of MTs. Asy-Syifa's students. The model that be used is learning reading by practicing English dialogues on the theme of reading text. This observation attended by 30 students, it uses the experimental method. In collecting the data, firstly the students will be tought by the teaching centred method where the teacher here only asks the students to read the reading text, after that the teacher gives some question as a pre-test related to the reading text as a measure of their comprehension. Then, the experimental process to be done, here a dialogue theme be given to be practiced by the students during experimental learning process, after that they have to answer the same questions as they received in the last season as the post-test. In counting the data, this experiment uses the statistical analysis to calculate the data. They are: examining the pre-test and post-test score, serving T-test table, testing the differences between the two interrelated averages, looking for mean of deviation and determining the effectivity of the T-test between pre-test and post-test scores. The distribution of normality post-test showed the data normal distribution, and also for the pre-test. With the tariff of significance 95% and of the degree of freedom 3 Tcount obtained (7.11) while Ttable obtained (2.68), it means that the deviation of averages of student's score is significant. In conclusion, it can be said that teaching English by the technique of reading by practicing the dialogues on the theme of reading text influence the mastery of student's reading comprehension skill. Anyhow teaching reading comprehension by practicing dialogues is might be able to be used because it influences to the student's reading comprehension skill, but there are many steps should be served in practicing this model, as the first is the teacher should be able to operates the inquiry method, then the teacher should has already served the thing that be needed in the teaching process, and skillful for the lesson that will be taught. This learning process will be success in the purposes if there is a tight monitoring from the teacher during the students practicing the dialogues.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Uncontrolled Keywords: English Dialogues; Reading Skill; Reading Comprehension Skill;
Subjects: Educational Institutions, Schools and Their Activities
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