Pemikiran Jean-Jacques Rousseau tentang keadilan sosial

Rahman, M Taufiq (2012) Pemikiran Jean-Jacques Rousseau tentang keadilan sosial. Sosio-Politica, 1 (1). pp. 72-80. ISSN 2302-1888


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This article reexamines J.J. Rousseau’s thought in formatting social order based on the general will (volonte generale). The discussion is significant in lighting social discourses which is now being evaporated but has new challenges in new circumstances in the middle of human anomie. By taking Rousseau’s books this study describes and analyzes the format of Rousseau’s thought, what are being rejected by him, and what is the formulation being proposed by him in order to develop justice in the community. By his effort, it is clear that Rousseau places reason as his fundamental reference for his idea of intellectual movement. Finally, this article contextualizes Rousseau’s thought with what being happened in its time in direction to project to our time.

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Sociology and Anthropology, Society
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