Pendidikan Karakter Menurut R.Z. Fananie

Darmalaksana, Wahyudin (2011) Pendidikan Karakter Menurut R.Z. Fananie. WAWASAN: Jurnal Ilmiah Agama dan Sosial Budaya, 34 (2). ISSN 0215-109X


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R.Z. Fananie has an exceptional idea on character education. He was a national education figure as well as a founder of modern Islamic boarding school of Gontor. Among his monumental work is “Pedoman Pendidikan Modern” [Guidance of Modern Education] (1993). He idiomizes “modern” with “progress”, meaning “today is better than yesterday.” To him, education is “everything could influence the good to the human spirit”, since the very early day to the mature, until the elderly (long life education). He sees that Indonesian Muslims at the time, in colonization era, had been going to progress the society – as it should be-based powerfully and faithfully in Islam. Education of character include “education of reason” and “education of ethics”. He divides the space of education in three: home, school, and society. To this, he states that the basis of education in domestic life is “caring” and “loving”; the basis of educational in society is “justice” and “truth”’ and the basis of education in the school is the combination of both caring and justice as well as loving and truth, as the bridge between the two. In his opinion, education In household is the basis of education after it, and education society is the outstanding one. Finally, he urges that if in domestic education the one who responsible is the parents and that in the school is the teacher; in the society, however, it is in the hands of the self. All are meant to reach the progress and he excellence of nation dignity and Islamic building.

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