Psychoanalysis concept: Rebellion of Jane Eyre's character for getting equal education with a man in bronta's Jane Eyre

Permana, Moch Yandi (2010) Psychoanalysis concept: Rebellion of Jane Eyre's character for getting equal education with a man in bronta's Jane Eyre. Diploma thesis, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung.

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This paper is entitled Psychoanalysis Concept; Rebellion of Jane Eyre’s Character for Getting Equal Education with A Man in Brontë’s Jane Eyre. The main problem of the research is the analysis of Jane Eyre’s characterization phased based on Psychoanalysis’s approach and the concept of rebellion to the other characters and situations in the script. As the descriptive research, this research required theoretical base and the narrative of Jane Eyre novel. It criticizes the narrative of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre by using Freud discourse of Psychoanalysis as analytical frame. In this case, the theory of Freud in his book Totem and Taboo is used as a grand theory of the research, besides other theories of psychoanalysis and characterization supporting to this paper’s analysis. Freud argues that identification is know to psychoanalysis as the earliest expression of an emotional tie with the other person to analyze the phase of the main character. Psychoanalysis theories are also taken to get explanation of the problem briefly. The employed method of this research is psychoanalysis method that refers to analysis of this study about psychological illness of the character in the phase of their life. The data are taken from Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre published in 1847. Based on the background, the researcher concerned to find out the description of the research question. Forwardly the problem can be formulated as follows: How is Jane Eyre’s rebellion to change the particular culture in psychoanalysis concept? In what ways does Brontë construct her character: Jane Eyre as reflection of her life? The result of this research, the researcher took the data from narrations with concerned to the analysis of the rebellion character and Oedipus complex of Jane Eyre in Charlotte Brontë’s novel “Jane Eyre�. Therefore, rebellion concept gives many influences toward the women’s life and can lead the women consciousness to struggle eliminating the system. We can see that Sigmund Freud has already define the unconscious part of human; ego, super-ego, and id. Those three things are represent the situation of a human when they not even realize it happens. It also happen on the situations of Oedipus Complex, where somebody has a special feelings to someone else yet with the difference on their age which very extreme, especially where a young person loves the elder one. The other result of analysis, the researcher found that the rebellion character in fact had given positive effects toward Jane Eyre’s life in the same position with the other class, can show what she want without pressured from the other like a men, she can know that she must struggle for life. The Oedipus complex of Jane Eyre to Mr. Edward Rochester make Jane Eyre found her true life and true love although with many struggle of life for getting it. As the response to this awareness, then it was manifested of their way to struggle destructing patriarchal system and got their own freedom as a woman in different way. And it is showed us that Jane Eyre as a reflection of Charlotte Brontë who get a same position and same experience in a true life. As a Final conclusion, Jane Eyre’s psychological phase as a main character in the novel to be struggle and rebel girl she was get many bad phase in her life but she never give up for getting a better life and found a happy life with her love, Mr. Edward Rochester. Finally, she says, “reader I married him�. At its ending, she opts for the refuge of personal happiness of Jane Eyre.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Uncontrolled Keywords: psikoalalysis; english;
Subjects: English Literatures
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