Wacana pemikiran Kalam Ilmu dalam kontek kemurnian Islam

Komarudin, Didin (2013) Wacana pemikiran Kalam Ilmu dalam kontek kemurnian Islam. Al-Nathiq, 1 (2). pp. 134-152. ISSN 2337-6759

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ReSound kalam discourse and thinking in the modern Islamic world around the 1990 with the reform movement of thought with the birth of the science of kalam Masail Masail-in particular, the emergence of problems in general, slam itself as in the field of social fiqh, law civil criminal, domestic politics and others. Kalam said science reasoning applies in the intellectual world is changing and changing thought old or traditional thinking to science / science or contemporary or other term holding of reconstruction and deconstruction of thought. To get an idea corresponding to the change of time, such as the themes raised in the journal this time. Kalam discourse of science continues to evolve in accordance with the guidance of the times, in which the definition of the word science every character is different, from each other. This indicates how widespread discussion of science. And when drawn into the context of Islamic purity that both have the methodology, both the methodology and the research kalam science research methodology. With the science of kalam thought Discourse in the context of maintaining the purity of Islam among Muslims gave birth to a new kind of science tradition in science and technology, which is then called by modern science. Marked by the emergence of figures of modern scientists as well as technology experts such as al-Kindi, al-Farabi, Al-Razi, Ibn Sina, and so forth, are the characters that make the science of kalam thinkers western thought as a frame of mind or their comparative dialectics in maintaining the purity of Islam. Besides the source of purity of Islam, al-Qur'an and al-Hadits.

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