Model terapi tobat dalam mengatasi kegersangan spiritual masyarakat perkotaan: Studi pemikiran tokoh sufi di Jawa Barat

Ghazali, Adeng Muchtar and Naan, Naan (2018) Model terapi tobat dalam mengatasi kegersangan spiritual masyarakat perkotaan: Studi pemikiran tokoh sufi di Jawa Barat. I'TIBAR, 6 (11). pp. 75-87. ISSN 2354-595X

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Penance is a term that indicates "the way to return from something that is shamed by shara 'to something that is praised by Him." Therefore, this Sufi path is the beginning of the practice of the soul, the cleanser of despicable characters, the termination of dependence on those characteristics, and concentration of purpose and purpose only to God alone, becomes the background of this research. This research found several interesting things related to repentance therapy, in the Suryalaya Islamic Boarding School, as the location of this study, it has a proven model of repentance therapy. Therapy carried out by this pesantren directs people who deviate from the teachings of God and His apostles can return to the right path. The technique used to show the 'way' is known as the inabah name, "return". The inabah program is a spiritual-based healing method, by providing awareness to the victims regarding the importance of efforts to re-discover identity, and understand the existence and purpose of life. They are invited to return to the roots of spirituality while realizing their identity and origin. The inabah method consists of; bathing, praying, talqin zikir, and coaching. Talqin zikir is remembrance learning in the heart. Remembrance is not enough to be taught by mouth to be imitated by mouth too, but must be transmitted from the heart to be thrust into the heart which is talqin. Those who can do talqin zikir are only those whose heart is healthy and strong (containing divine light).

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