Penafsiran ayat-ayat tentang aurat perempuan menurut Muhammad Syahrur

Salsabila, Qabila and Dalimunthe, Reza Pahlevi and Masrur, Ali (2017) Penafsiran ayat-ayat tentang aurat perempuan menurut Muhammad Syahrur. Al-Bayan: Jurnal Studi Al-Qur‟an dan Tafsir, 2 (1). pp. 177-198. ISSN 2528-1054

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In the case of closing the aurat Muhammad Syahrur interpreted the very significant aurat boundaries of the other mufassirs and mufaqqih. He has a theory called Nazhariyat al-Hudud or commonly referred to as the limit theory which is divided into two namely the maximum limit (Hadd al'A'la) and the minimum limit (Had al-Adna) by closing the top (al-Juyub al-Ulwiyyah ) and closed the bottom (al-Juyub as-Sufliyah). In answering the above problems, this research uses a type of library research with the method of presenting data in “Descriptive Analysis" by describing how Muhammad Syahrur interpreted the female aurat in surah al-Nu>r [24]: 31, al-Ah}za>b [33 ]: 59 and al-Ah}za>b [33]: 53. With his boundary theory, Muhammad Syahrur tried to apply the verses of the muhkamat al-Qur'an in the reality of life with its limitations. The result of this study is that Syahrur considered the laws contained in the Qur'an is elastic which can be drawn and adapted to the place and the age. In accordance with the sexuality there are three provisions related to clothing for women: 1). Prohibited or not allowed to open (naked) except only her husband, 2). The minimum limitation of women in general, according to him, is to close the lower intimate area (al-Juyub as-Sufliyyah). This section is called a severe aurat (al-'Awrah al-Mughallazah). This part must be covered when faced with the fourteen mentioned in surah an-Nur 31. And close the upper intimate area (alJuyub al-Ulmiyyah), 3). Clothes for activities and socializing, the provision starts from the minimal limit and then adapted to the situation and conditions of the local community. This boundary also has levels until it reaches the limit that shows only the face and both palms. So the consequence of women who reveal part of al-Juyub according to him means he has violated Hudud Allah. Muhammad Syahrur argued that the veil (headscarf) or headgear for him is not included in the principle of Islamic or beliefs of a person, but only following the habits of society in general.

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