Politik Islam dalam Cita dan Realita

Nurrohman Syarif, Nurrohman (2011) Politik Islam dalam Cita dan Realita. Jurnal Al-Qurba, Jurnal Peradaban dan Kebudayaan Islam, 2 (1). pp. 14-30. ISSN 2087-5800 (media cetak)

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Abstract Since the Islamic era under Prophet Muhammad’s leadership, Muslim activisms can not be separated from political issues. The situation is later discussed and interpreted in many ways. Questions such as whether there is political Islam or not and how does the political Islam manifest in the Prophet’s era as well as in the further development of Islam are massively posted in the academic debate. This paper examines the political dimension of prophet-hood brought by Muhammad saw that furthermore implemented by his followers. It is understood that political Islam may take two shapes, that are the ideal one as exercised by the Prophet and the one that is interpreted and practiced by his followers. The unideal political Islam hence depends on the deep understanding of the Muslims to the political dimension of Islamic tenets and the way they carry out these notions in to practice. Keywords, Political Islam, history, the prophet Muhammad

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