The Characterization of Female Characters in Michael Cunningham’s The Hours’

Reni Kartika, Reni (1209503144) (2014) The Characterization of Female Characters in Michael Cunningham’s The Hours’. Diploma thesis, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung.

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The structure of personality which is structured by Sigmund Freud based on three systems called the id, the ego and superego. In healthy mind, the three systems work together harmonically cooperate. Based on the background, the problems can be formulated into two statements of problem that is how the characterization of Clarissa Vaughan, Laura Brown and Virginia Woolf constructed and how are id, ego and superego manifested in female characters in the novel The Hours. The writer has used descriptive method and Psychoanalysis theory by Sigmund Freud as the delimitation of research. The data were collected from Michael Cunningham’s novel The Hours and references of the theory as a tool in analyzing psychoanalysis and characterization contained in the novel. The steps of analyzing data are the identifying, classifying, interpreting data, and finally finding conclusion. The results showed that in this novel, the author of The Hours novel presents characterizations throughout narrative technique. The constructions of the characterizations three main characters are Clarissa is a beautiful, interest and smart woman. She always looks strong although the fact is very fragile. Laura is bad typically. She is thin, smoker, and careless and likes imagining. She is very obsessed to the novel Mrs. Dalloway. She is a typically woman who likes to show happiness in front of others whereas she wonder in her life. Meanwhile Virginia is a clever woman, she has phobia to the mirror, for her mirror is threaten. The effect of pressure from her family has made her a dissident woman. In relation to the manifestation of id, ego and superego it was found that the id of three female characters is more dominant than the ego and superego, it makes the three female characters hard to receive any relations to the others. The conditions have made their fragile. The cracks are caused by dominant id viewed by the other characters and pressures from their lifes. There is the defense mechanism of female characters; they are repression, fixation and reaction formation. In the end the writer concludes that the imbalance between id, ego and superego influenced the construction of characterization of the three characters.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Uncontrolled Keywords: english literature, english fiction
Subjects: English Literatures
English Fiction
Divisions: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora > Program Studi Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris
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