Tiga varian metode tematik Mawdu'i dalam menafsirkan Al-Quran

Solehudin, Solehudin and Mulyana, Yayan and Nurlela, Andi (2020) Tiga varian metode tematik Mawdu'i dalam menafsirkan Al-Quran. Digital Library UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. (Unpublished)


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The thematic method is one of any studies of contemporary Quranic exegesis and becomes a distinction from the classical exegesis method until the middle ages. In theory, this method is often generalized to the thematic method of the entire Quran. Any scholar had closed other theories that could be categorized as other forms of thematic methods. The purpose of this article is to find the paradigm, formulation and distinction of three thematic method. This study uses descriptive methods with qualitative data types and library research techniques. Theoretically, the exegesis method of the Quran is divided into four parts; (1) ijmali ; short exegesis, following the concord of the mushaf, (2) the Tahlili; at length exegesis, (3) the muqaran; comparative exegesis, and (4) the mawdlu'I; interpretation based on particular theme. The results of this study found that three variants of thematic methods have a diferent paradigm and technical steps. The Quran, its vocabulary, has its own worldview as usualy called weltanschauung. The Quran, since the beginning of systemic revelation was formatted as seen in Mushaf, then the thematic of chapters (sūrah) need to be formatted. The Quranic messages on certain themes are separated in various chapters. Gathering verses into certain title frames is must be done. There is a paralell or similarity among that three variants, namely the correlation (munāsabah). Each of the three variants uses munasabah to find the meaning of the word, the meaning of the verse in a chapter, and the meaning of the verses in a particular theme frame.

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