The impact of social distancing in economic, cultural and religious views

Chodijah, Siti and Octavia, Vera and Sonya, Endah Ratna and Kurniasari, Dedeh The impact of social distancing in economic, cultural and religious views. Artikel Work From Home. (Unpublished)


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Social distancing or keeping a distance from people around is one of the efforts taken by the government in dealing with an increasingly widespread corona virus outbreak. The policy to conduct social distancing has an impact on activities in the community. It is therefore interesting to study how the sociological impact of social distancing on the economy, culture and religion? Social distancing as a phenomenon, interesting if analyzed with one of the philosophical schools, namely phenomenology. That a strong desire to understand the truth can be achieved through a process or path of observation of phenomena or encounters with reality (reality). The type of approach method used in this research is descriptive qualitative research method. The source of the data used here is to take secondary data, with the documentation study method. The results showed that social restrictions have an impact on the Indonesian economy, not only in the production of goods and services but consumption and investment were also disrupted. Unemployment is increasing, resulting in a family economic crisis that will potentially lead to social insecurity that has an impact on security and public order. Likewise in terms of cultural issues, Indonesian people are known to have a very strong social and family bond. Friendly people who will smile warmly and shake hands when they meet. Therefore, social distancing policy is a bit difficult to enforce. In the religious field, social distancing has also influenced the implementation of various religious activities. The religious leaders tried to modify and adapt some of the worship practices that are commonly carried out as a precaution to the spread of the co-19 pandemic. The various impacts felt, if not addressed, sociologically will lead to social disorganization and dysfunction in the community. Disorganization in society will lead to uncertain social situations. So that it can have an impact on the social fabric of society. Social dysfunction makes certain people or groups of people unable to carry out their social functions according to their social status. Solidarity is important now. The medical team seeks to treat, the government tries to do prevention with a variety of policies and actions, the community proactively supports the policy. Keywords: Religion, Economic Views, Cultural Views, Sociological, Social Distancing

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Religion; Economic Views; Cultural Views; Sociological; Social Distancing
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