Socialization and internalization of Qur’anic verse by enjoy learning Arabic

Akmaliyah, Akmaliyah (2016) Socialization and internalization of Qur’anic verse by enjoy learning Arabic. Tawarich: International Journal for Historical Studies. ISSN 2085-0980

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Arabic is a language of the Arabs and Muslims used for religious as well as mundane purposes. As one of the international languages spoken by many people, Arabic is also the language of science. Like any other languages in the world, Arabic has its characteristics. Among them is its ability to create and produce the sounds representing numbers and letters, in which a variety of meanings is so rich yet distinguishable. This study tries to elaborate on how the process of socialization and internalization of Al-Qur’anic verse by enjoy learning Arabic. By using the qualitative method, this study showed that mastery of Arabic can be done through fun learning of the language. Materials presented through this process of learning can support the efforts of both socialization and internalization of Al-Qur’an, because they are associated in such a way with the verses of Al-Qur’an. Learning the Arabic language, in any type and level of education, should be done with a variety of learning strategies and fun. Psychologically, this situation impacts good study output or a positive learning transfer to the learners, in order he/she may be able to read and understand Al-Qur’an. A fun learning process is expected to be a stimulus for “syi’ar” or dissemination of the values of Al-Qur’an and Arabic language as its vehicle.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Enjoy Learning; Arabic Language, Al-Qur’anic Verses; Learning Process; Socialization and Internalization
Subjects: Arabic
Al-Qur'an (Al Qur'an, Alquran, Quran) dan Ilmu yang Berkaitan
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Date Deposited: 09 May 2020 13:58
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