Pengaruh Pemberian Trichoderma sp. dan Penicillium‎ sp. terhadap Produksi Tanaman Edame(Glycine ‎max L. Merrill)

Hidayat, Arief (2016) Pengaruh Pemberian Trichoderma sp. dan Penicillium‎ sp. terhadap Produksi Tanaman Edame(Glycine ‎max L. Merrill)., 1 (1). pp. 1-12. ISSN - (Unpublished)

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Edamame was one kind of nuts crop which include into the category of vegetable crops. ‎Global market demand towards edamame is also quite high, however edamame ‎production in Indonesia is still very low. It is therefore edamame having great opportunity ‎to be improved production. Many factors affect the low production of edamame. ‎The use of inorganic fertilizers in the longer term will reduce soil fertility and ‎decreasing land productivity, resulting in production plant are also being low. Therefore, the ‎use of Trichoderma sp. and Penicillium sp. as soil fungi is one way to maintain soil ‎fertility and land productivity as well as supporting the growth of plants. The ‎purpose of this research was to determine the effect of Trichoderma sp. and ‎Penicillium sp. toward production of crops edamame. This research was conducted in ‎Cipadung village, Cibiru District, Bandung City, West Java Province. The research was conducted on July until October 2016. Experimental research was conducted using Randomized Block Design ‎‎(RCBD) by 7 treatments, that is A (Control), B (Trichoderma sp. 30 ml/plant), C ‎‎(Trichoderma sp. 40 ml/plant), D (Trichoderma sp. 50 ml/plant), E (Penicillium sp. ‎‎30 ml/plant), F (Penicillium sp. 40 ml/plant), G (Penicillium sp. 50 ml/plant) with ‎each treatment repeated 6 times. Further test used is Duncan Multiple Range Rest ‎‎(DMRT) 5%. Based on the results of research that giving of Trichoderma sp. and Penicillium sp. with various doses give effect to crop production of edamame. Treatment G (Penicillium sp. 50 ml / plant) gives significantly take effect to production of pod weight of crop and giving effect from the other treatments toward production the pods amount of crop and amount of crop seeds.

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