Hoax and Local Journalist in Bandung

Wibawa, Darajat Hoax and Local Journalist in Bandung. Hoax and Local Journalist in Bandung. pp. 1-9. ISSN 9781138369740

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Development in communication technology make it easier for humans to interact and communicate, and with the opcoming of various types and forms of gadget complete the ease of humans in communicating and interacting. Messages of communication that could only be delivered through the mass media before, now on can be produced individually by using internetfacilities through various gadgets. That is, now anyone can deliver any communication messages to the community, including communication messages with hoax content because the message is not supported data and facts that aims to deceive others. Communications messages with hoax content now compete with communication messages that have truth values and produced by journalists. Currently journalists are obliged not only to deliver the correct information but also contribute in blocking the message with hoax content. Then the question are, how local journalists in Bandung view the existence of communication messages with hoax content? To answer the question, the author research it with descriptive method, qualitative approach of phenomenological tradition. Through interviews with Indonesian journalist and the results show that local journalists in Bandung interpret the hoax is very diverse and complex, but in the eyes of informants, hoax for Indonesian journalists could have a positive effect in coloring the cognitive, affective, and conative aspects of journalists, can also have negative effects such as lowering confidence , disrupting relationships, sifting jobs, and affecting the technical aspects. Keyword: Journalist, Hoax, Cognitive, Affective, Conative

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Subjects: Journalism and Newspapers in Indonesia
Social Interaction, Interpersonal Relations > Communication
Social Interaction, Interpersonal Relations > Media of Communication, Mass Media
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