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Subandi, Muhammad and Talbiya T, Tita and Afni Afiyani, Siti and Hanifa Humanisa, Hanny (2017) English for Specific Purposes. Program Studi Agroteknologi Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi.

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1965, evidence that there should eventually be found. Two scientists named Arno penzias and Robert Wilson discovered these waves by accident. And they get a Nober prize for this discovery. This radiation is called the cosmic Background Radiation. Radiation is invisibre to radiate from a particular source, but covers the entire space. Garmov was immediately realized that this radiation is an echo of the big bang that is still echoing from the explosion. ln 1989, NASA launched the COBE satellite (Cosmic Background Explorer) into space to do research on cosmic background radiation. This satellite is the first satellite launched to measure radiation. And just in time 8 minutes, the satellites can discover and prove the existence of radiation research penzias and Wilson. This finding is expressed as the greatest astronomical discoveries of all time. This evidence caused the Big Bang theory can be accepted in society. Big Bang Theory as a theory of creation of the universe is the last point achieved knowledge about the origin of the universe. ln essence, an explosion will cause material jump in random. But not in the Big Bang case. Those materials *ur" "r"n arranged neatly. ln fact, those materials form the planets, stars and galaxies that arrangement look so amazing. Fred Hoyle, a challenger to the Big Bang theory expressed surprise about this order: "big bong theory stotes the universe begon with o single explosion. However, os shown in the fo owing section, an explosion will only moke the moteriol ejected ot rondom, but the big bong mysteriously give results controry to the moterial collected in the form of goloxies,, This shows that everything which happens in the universe is the will of Allah. Allah revealed in the quran. Al-Furqan verse 2:

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