Benefit of praying Dhuha, generous of the have done by the have Not

Afiyani, Siti Afni Afiyani and Ridwan, R Benefit of praying Dhuha, generous of the have done by the have Not. Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi: Program Studi Pertanian/Agroteknologi. (Unpublished)

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Praying is one of communication media between humand and Allah SWT. Beside, the second of pillar Islam is a practice human to Allah SWT, it is a media to closer with Allah. In a muslim, Shalat in the highest from another. Beside the praying of obligatory the prophet Muhammad also taught us about approaching to Allah by doing praying dhuha.In the encyclopedia of Islam praying dhuha which is done in the morning. The time begins when the sunrise 7 feet high until the sun slips. Regularly praying dhuha will give a psychological effect in generating motivation. Especially learning motivation. In addition, another benefit of Praying Dhuha is able to give intellectual effect, physical, spiritual, and emotional intelligence, and economical. Ulama said 2 rakaat of praying dhuha is equal with alms given to the poor. Praying dhuha is a substitution of generous of the have done by the have not

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