Cannot Survive Without It (Water)

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At the time the predominant theory was based on the concept of spontaneous generation. It was said that living creatures were derived from inanimate matter spontaneously. This theory was discredited by renaissance scientists (around the 17th century) as Louis Pasteur (1862) and other scientists. It revealed that from water living thing derived. Water is the main component of living things. Where did the first living organisms come from? To answer this question scientists developed several theories. Recent scientific theory says that life emerged from a long increasingly complex chain of chemical reactions. The chemical reactions came from the depths of oceans because atmosphere was not sufficiently safe to protect living organism from ultraviolet radiation. It was discovered filament structures smaller than bacteria containing DNA in deep rocks. Sayyid Quthub quoted scientists, at the time the heaven and the earth clove, the temperature of earth surface was 12.000 degrees Fahrenheit. In such the very high temperature there would not be elements in a compound form. All of matters are free as a single element.. And from that time on the earth releasing its energy or heat into space and outer space. Due to the water was poured, and the earth’s surface released and lost it heat, finally the water reached the surface of the earth and resides somewhere on the surface in the ground as liquid and on the atmosphere as gas or vapour. So, by water the hot earth was cooled. The property of water is able to dissolve other substances. Were it not for the solven property of water, life could not exist because water transfers nutrients vital in animal and plants and also in human body. There are many therapeutic measures recommended to drink water, plain water. When the water extinct from our ecology, there are not living creature survive. No vegetation can maintain its growth, in turn, no herbivores or cattle supplying protein can live. People will dehydrate within a couple of hours. And in short, vegetation, animal and human Cannot Survive Without It.

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