Some Notes of Islamic Scientific Education Development

Subandi, Muhammad (2012) Some Notes of Islamic Scientific Education Development. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 2(7), pp. 1005, 2 (7). pp. 1005-1011.


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Scientific theories as the product of human intelligence have changed from time to time, but scientific information in divine revelation that may appear at that time to be unreasonable, prove to be right in this time and in the long run. Islamic epistemology recognizes three orders of logical argumentation or knowing, they are: Reason, Experience (‘Ada); and Revelation (Syar’). Al-Qur’an talks about nature and creation being an expression of God’s attributes. Many scientific information in the Qur’an are now proved to be correct in view of modern scientific practices. And modern scientists acknowledged the truth of qur’an revealed to Muhammad SAW. During the golden age of the Islamic history between the seventh and fourteenth centuries. The change of educational policy of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia especially in its Higher Education Directorate which is noticed with the restructuring or converting the institution of six IAINs (State Institute for Islamic Studies) to UINs (State Islamic University) brings about some changes in their scientific paradigm. The change of statute has enabled the opening of non-religious study programmes in the hope to regain the golden era of muslim. Ministerial commitment is now tend to the right efforts to achieve the mission.

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