The translating of idiomatic expressions from English into Bahasa Indonesia in Black Swan movie script

Hanifah, Ani (2011) The translating of idiomatic expressions from English into Bahasa Indonesia in Black Swan movie script. Diploma thesis, UIN Sunan gunung Djati Bandung.

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One language can be understood by the other language users with translation study, including how to understand English Idiomatic Expression that translated into Bahasa Indonesia. Like what the researcher found, there are so many usages of idiomatic expressions on the movie script including on the Black Swan movie script. Because of that, the researcher was interested in doing the research. Her aim is to find out what kind of idiom used by Black Swan script writer and how those idioms translated into Bahasa Indonesia. The method that researcher used for this research is qualitative method. The data took from movie script of Black Swan the movie, either in English version or in Bahasa Indonesia version including the movie by using purposive sampling and analyzed the data by categorizing into the kinds of idiom. These kinds of idiom based on Todd’s theory about idiom. The researcher used the theory of Peter Newmark about Translation and its translation method. There are eight translation methods defined by him, there are Word-for-word translation, Literal translation, Faithful translation, Semantic translation, Adaptation, Free translation, Idiomatic translation and Communicative translation. The researcher analyzed the data based on Newmark’s theory. The data are categorized into six kinds; this first step is based on Todd’s theory about the kind of idiom. There are six types of the idiom that is the idiom that uses the Alliterative Comparison, Noun Phrase, Noun Phrase, Preposition Phrase, Verbs + Noun Phrase, Verbs + Preposition Phrase Verbs + Adverb. The dialogue that used the idiomatic expression inside is classified accord with kind of the idiom usage. Thus, from this first step, the researcher analyzed how each idiomatic expression in the movie subtitle translated into Bahasa Indonesia. From these two steps, the researcher found that, there are 786 dialogues on Black Swan movie script and 50 dialogues that content of the idiomatic expression inside. Then, the Communicative Translation Method is the most used method of translating the idiomatic expression on Black Swan Bahasa Indonesia movie subtitle. The conclusion is that some types of idioms that present on Black Swan movie script has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia in different methods. Moreover, some of dialogues translated into Bahasa Indonesia agree with the situation when that dialogue talked by the actors. Finally, researcher expects that this research will be able to help the next researchers who are conduct in the same field of study. The researcher expects that somebody who will conduct in the same study will be able to manage others objects, such as the idiomatic expressions used in novel, poems, or others.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Translation; idiomatic expression; movie idiom;
Subjects: Bible > Modern Version and Translation
Dictionaries > Specialized Dictionaries, Idioms
Public Performances > Motion Pictures, Movies
Divisions: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora > Program Studi Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris
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