Model Katastrofe Swallowtail Berparameter Fuzzy untuk Menganalisa Tiga Faktor Psikologi (Intelegensi, Emosi, dan Adversitas)

Meiza, Asti (2015) Model Katastrofe Swallowtail Berparameter Fuzzy untuk Menganalisa Tiga Faktor Psikologi (Intelegensi, Emosi, dan Adversitas). doktoral thesis, Institut Teknologi Bandung.

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Catastrophe theory in general is a study of the jumps, transitions, discontinuities, and the sudden change of a phenomenon qualitatively. Catastrophe theory is part of Singularity theory and Bifurcation theory. The basic model catastrophe, Cusp, has been used to study the behavior of cognitive intelligence is seen as a state variable (behavioral variables), while aspects of intelligence are used as control variables. This study demonstrates the occurrence of 'jumps' from one level of intelligence to other intelligence level due to changes in one aspect. The purpose of this dissertation is to use a Swallowtail catastrophe model to analyze three psychological factors, namely Intelligence (I), Emotion (E), and Adversity (A) which is thought to support an individual success. This model consists of three control variables and one state variable. The results of research on this dissertation are divided into two parts. The first part is matching the data of Political Orientation by Cusp catastrophe model. The second part is matching the data factors of intelligence I, E, and A by Swallowtail catastrophe model. Curve fitting is done by estimating the model parameters through nonfuzzy approach and fuzzy approach. Suggestions for this fuzzy approach to be considered because the data from the results of psychological research have uncertainty characteristics similar with fuzzy logic. It was found that the empirical data matching with the two approaches nearly all met the conditions of catastrophe, both on the Cusp catastrophe model as well as the Swallowtail catastrophe model.

Item Type: Thesis (doktoral)
Uncontrolled Keywords: intelegensi, emosi, adversitas, model katastrofe Swallowtail, logika fuzzy
Subjects: Differential and Developmental Psychology
Divisions: Fakultas Psikologi > Program Studi Psikologi
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Date Deposited: 01 May 2018 18:05
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