Pengaruh pencemaran lingkungan terhadap kesuburan dan produktivitas Tanah di Kawasan Cimencrang

Wahyuni,, Nining and Rahmadi, Agung and Muhammad, Ghozi (2018) Pengaruh pencemaran lingkungan terhadap kesuburan dan produktivitas Tanah di Kawasan Cimencrang. Fakultas Sainstek prodi Agroteknologi. (Unpublished)

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According to Law no. 23 of 1997, the environment is the unity of space with all things, power, circumstances, and living things, including human beings and their behavior, which affect the viability of human life and welfare and other living beings. While the scope of the Indonesian environment includes space, the place of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia with the insight of the archipelago in exercising its sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction. Whereas Pollution, according to the Decree of the Minister of Environmental Affairs No. 02 / MENKLH / 1988, is the entry or inclusion of living organisms, substances, energy, and / or other components into water / air, and / or changing of the water / air human activities and natural processes, so that the quality of water / air becomes less or can’t function again in accordance with the designation. Indonesia is an agricultural country with a population of more than 60% working in agriculture sector that is able to meet their own needs in the form of rice and other foodstuffs, and realize food security. Indonesia also has fertile soil, so should the people of Indonesia keep the environment to stay beautiful and not polluted by various types of waste, especially in the agricultural environment. Because if the agricultural land contaminated by garbage, it will reduce the quality of land and agricultural products. Every individual should be able to maintain the environment, because if we can maintain the environment then the environment will have a positive impact that will benefit us and it will also affect the country's economy, because if the economy is stable then the welfare of the people will be achieved. And if the environment is polluted, then it will affect the survival of other living things. Therefore, we must always keep the environment so as not to be polluted and not cause disaster in the future.

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