Equal gender analysis on the meaning of words animals’ applelation in Arabic

Akmaliyah, Akmaliyah Equal gender analysis on the meaning of words animals’ applelation in Arabic. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, VI (2).

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Gender is a social-cultural construct of the role of women, their nature and characters, in their particular society. Peculiar among its forms is the one that exists in the language used to express the concept. Language is a product of culture which in its turn colors our understanding of gender and vice-versa there occurs interchange of influence between culture and language. Core components of language are words and their meanings. Some words and meanings in Arabic which reveal the appellation of the animals are interesting to note as they are accompanied with specific gender. In a manner similar with their counterpart in being, i.e. human being, they possess gender (sex) and its inherent characteristics. So the animals designated on the word for the female gender is not the one intended for another particular gender i.e. a male one; Special character refers therefore only to a specific gender. It can be assumed that denoting certain animals to a specific gender could indicate a degree of inequality in aspects of language. Certain characters are determined to be owned by only certain types of animals.

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