Detection of pork contamination on meat-based foods at public elementary school in Bandung

Cahyanto, Tri and Suryani, Yani and Adawiyah, Ayuni and Kurniawan, Isma Dwi Detection of pork contamination on meat-based foods at public elementary school in Bandung.

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The foods containing pork ingredients are ubiquitous in Indonesia. Besides forbidden for Muslims to consume, pigs are animals that contain diseases because of their greedy and dirty. Currently there are many adulterated products between beef and pork sold in the market. One of the food products that potentially contaminated with pork is processed children's food. Children are the most vulnerable segments to consume non-halal food, most of them less selective to choose some of the food than adults. This research aims to provide a general description of the distribution and detection of pork contamination on meatbased food at public elementary schools in Bandung city. This research was conducted in December-March 2019 at the Genetic and Molecular Laboratory of the Faculty of Science and Technology of UIN Sunan Gunung Djati, Bandung. The study began by taking 8 samples of children's food from 30 districts in Bandung using the technique of free random sampling. The sample is tested under laboratory tests including DNA extraction, amplification of pig-specific DNA fragments using PCR and electrophoresis. The results of this study are the distribution of snacks for elementary school children in 30 districts of Bandung. They are diverse and classified as processed foods made from meat (a critical point). Food children of Public Elementary Schools in Bandung negatively contain pork contamination with the proportion of children's food containing 0% of pork.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Contamination; Meat-Base Food; Pork
Subjects: Biology
Biology > Education, Research, Related Topics of Biology
Divisions: Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi > Program Studi Biologi
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Date Deposited: 29 May 2020 10:09
Last Modified: 31 May 2020 03:53

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