Processing of vegetable waste to produce economic biogas

Andiani, Mulya Rizkita Processing of vegetable waste to produce economic biogas. Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi: Program Studi Pertanian/Agroteknologi. (Unpublished)

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Experiments on the processing of biogas from vegetable waste, this experiment was conducted to see the amount of gas in vegetable waste that can be utilized by humans. By making biogas from vegetable waste it is expected that many people depend on the government for household gas. But have another alternative by using this biogas.Waste is a material that is removed from the source of human activities and natural processes that do not have economic value (environmental aspect). Garbage is divided into two types: wet and dry garbage. The results of the biogas rendement measurements formed on the use of various ratios of waste to water (Fig. 4.3;) show on the first day of incubation (at 24 hours incubation time) only 1: 2 (w / v) waste / water ratio resulting in biogas with 240 rendement, 06 mg / liter, while the ratio of other waste / water does not produce biogas. On the second day, biogas has been formed on the ratio of waste / water 1: 2,5 and the ratio of waste / water 1: 3 each of 239.58 mg / liter and 211,23 mg / liter, while on the use of the ratio of waste / Water 1: 3,5 and 1: 4 has not been formed biogas.

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