Tingkat konservasi tanah dan air dari pencemaran industri dan pemukiman

Yulianty, Elsa and Rahmadi, Agung and AM, Hikmaya Tingkat konservasi tanah dan air dari pencemaran industri dan pemukiman. Fakultas Sainstek prodi Agroteknologi. (Unpublished)

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Basically Water pollution is a change of state in a reservoir of water such as lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater due to human activities. Lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater are an important part of the human life cycle and are one part of the hydrologic cycle. In addition to also drain the water drain sediment and pollutants. Various kinds of functions are very helpful to human life. The largest utilization of lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater is for agricultural irrigation. River basin areas are potentially water-rich areas. The river water areas have several components including humans, soils, plants, water and climate, the problems faced there are river pollution caused by the disposal of plastic waste and other materials that are arbitrary and do not preserve the environment properly, the solution must be done is not to throw garbage carelessly so that water pollution will not happen and will not inhibit the flow of water. And the basic management of sungi flow is basically intended for the realization of optimal conditions of vegetation, soil and water resources so as to provide maximum benefits and sustainable for human welfare. In addition, basic river basin management is understood as a formulation and implementation of activities that are manipulative of natural resources and communities that are located around the bottom of the river basin.

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